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  • Wind Mitigation

    Buy acyclovir ointment, Buy acyclovir 400 mg online



One attachment method that offers the least in mitigation towards wind damage is the toe nail which consists of attaching the trusses or joists to the exterior wall via nails hammered in at angles.  This is not common practice for building now and rarely is seen.

A clip is a metal attachment device that a joins two pieces of wood.  This is far better than toe nailing, but is still substandard to hurricane strapping.  A minimum amount of nails must be used on clips to offer its rated protection.

The hurricane single strap is the next step and in most area the standard for mitigating against wind damage for the roof.  Like the clip, it joins the two pieces of wood together but it wraps over the members.  A minimum amount of nails are required on all locations of the strap to increase its effectiveness.

The most effective for roof rind mitigation is the the double wrap strap which wraps completely around both wood members.  Again, a minimum amount of nails are required on all locations of the strap to increase its effectiveness.

The two main styles of roof are hip and gable or a variation of the two.  Due to aerodynamics of the roof, the hipped roof offers more protection agains high velocity wind.  Other styles exist, but offer little more protection.  If the roof is hipped with other features, the linear footage of the other features are measured against the hipped features.

One of the most widely used sheathing attachment methods utilized prior to the implementation of wind mitigation, was using 6d fasteners spaced at least every 6”.  The term 6d refers to the length of the fastener meaning that it is 2” in length.    In the picture above, the measurement of the fastener is 1 1/2”, but when the sheathing is accepted for, it can be seen that a 2” fastener was utilized.  Nails are common but just is common is to see a thinner brad nail.  This offers the same savings regardless on the width of the fastener.

  8d fasteners spaced every 12” offers more protection to the roof from wind.  8d again refers to the length meaning that it is 2 1/2” in length.  When checking the attic, it is sometimes easy to notice a line of fasteners that missed the truss thereby making it easy to notice the spacing.

Offering the even more protection is when the fasteners are, for a majority, driven every 6” into the truss.  And it is worth noting that the preferred fastener to be used for wind mitigation is the 8d, ring shanked nail.

One form of secondary water resistance (SWR) is self-adhering, modified bitumen applied to the seams of the roof sheathing prior to the roof underlayment being being applied.  Unfortunately, if you do not have proof that this was applied prior to the underlayment and roofing material being applied, its hard to prove to the insurance agency that it exists on the dwelling.

The second type of SWR seen is a foam adhesive applied to the underside of the sheathing and trusses.  Of course, this is easily visible from the attic space.

The first level of protection against glazed or unglazed openings are plywood shutters.  Of course, glazed (openings with glass), are more important to protect.  Plywood is an acceptable means of protection and does offer savings.

Other means that are more protective are hurricane rated windows that offer significant savings.  These are rated as protective as wind rated panels.  To qualify for savings, paperwork of certification must be on hand.


Probably the most common and popular choice for wind mitigation protection are the hurricane or storm shutters typically metal.  To qualify for savings, paperwork of certification must be on hand.