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Polybutylene pipe colorsPB is a plastic resin that was extensively used in the manufacturing and utilization of  water supply systems from the 1970’s through the 1990’s.  It was used mainly because of its extreme low cost to manufacture and its ease of installation.  It was later discontinued for its many failures.  There were two reasons for its eventual discontinuation.  One was that the PB pipe itself would react to common disinfectants causing it to degrade, crack, then fail.  The second was at its connection points.

What it is not is PEX pipe shown below.  They are both flexible plastic resin pipes, but PEX pipe is a newer type of plumbing that is proven to be effective.

Purchase acyclovir tablets, Order generic acyclovir

  • A home inspection cannot determine if poly is about to leak simply by looking at the outside of the pipe. Pipes deteriorate from the inside, and they can split under pressure
  • Homes with PB are often harder and take longer to sell
  • Insurance premiums can increase with PB or companies can limit coverage
  • PB can start leaking at anytime and just because its not leaking at that moment, doesn’t mean it won’t in the future
  • PB replacement can be comparable in price to re-carpeting or re-roofing the home
  • PB replacement can be done in as little as one weak
  • PB replacement costs can often be negotiated in the closing costs

Polybutylene Piping

PEX Piping

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