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We at H&H Home Inspections strive to give the most professional inspection service the industry can provide.  Not only are all our inspectors licensed, certified, and insured, but they must all go through rigorous job shadowing and continual education to ensure they are an industry leading inspection professionals.  Our job does not end with the inspection with continued customer service to ensure your inspection experience is excellent one.


We at H&H Home Inspections provide a wide variety of inspection services such as home inspections, 4 point inspections, wind mitigations inspections, commercial real estate inspections and many more.  Our accuracy and thoroughness is balanced by our customer service working with you the client, the realtors, insurance agencies, and mortgage brokers.  We also make a commitment to lead the industry in our expedient inspections and report delivery to ensure that you the client get your much needed inspection report in a timely manner for you to make a decision on your transaction.


We serve the greater Central Florida and Orlando area working with home buyers, real estate agents, insurance agencies, and building contractors.  Counties including Brevard, Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Volusia, Polk, and Lake.  Need an inspection in an area not listed, give us a call and we’ll make it happen.  We have inspectors dedicated to cities such as Melbourne, Merritt Island, Cocoa, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Sanford, Lake Mary, Cassleberry, Orlando, Kissimmee, Ocoee, Winter Garden and Clermont.

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